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Nusuk Application Launch (previously Eatmarna)
What is the Nusuk application?

The Nusuk app is a replacement of the Eatmarna app. The integrated and unified app facilitates pilgrims from around the world by facilitating the electronic issuance of their visas from the relevant digital portals.

 The Nusuk App needs to be downloaded prior to travel to Umrah in KSA. The Nusuk Application can be downloaded on App Store and Google Play and the Application's primary use is to book Umrah Permits and especially booking Rawdah Permits for Women and Men.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah aims to provide pilgrims with a safe, smooth, hassle-free, and pleasant pilgrimage for all. The Nusuk app thus positions itself as an extension of the ministry’s continuous efforts to improve the quality of services provided to pilgrims using the latest technologies.
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Nusuk Application Launch (previously Eatmarna)

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