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Failing to register on Muqeem or Qudum Platform

What happens if someone fails to register in Muqeemwebsite / Qudum Platform?

All passengers are required to submit proof of theirvaccination status via Qudum platform which is also known as Muqeem website. Thiswebsite facilitates registration of covid immunization as part of entryprocedures to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Those who fail to register their vaccine proof on the Muqeemwebsite before arrival to KSA may be stopped at the departure port, but that’sgood because you can still register while you are in the departure port beforearrival in KSA.

The problem arises when a passenger arrives kingdom and passesthe through immigration without registering on their vaccination status onMuqeem!

This happened with Mr. Kazi Shahriar Hossain fromCalifornia, USA who visited Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in November 2021 on tourismvisa to perform Umrah.

He and his father did not register on Muqeem before arrivingin Kingdom. They were not aware of this guideline.

So, when they arrived in Saudi Arabia, they downloadedTawakkalna App and logged in to find that their status was requesting them toIsolate for one week as they are considered non vaccinated.

This also meant they wouldn’t be allowed to go to public places,nor could they apply for an Umrah permit nor visit Masjid Al Nabawi (Prophet’sMosque in Madinah).

They had only 1 week to stay in Saudi Arabia and the issuestatus in Tawakkalna never changed for their entire stay, they couldn’t visitany places until they found a local citizen who helped them use their personal Tawakkalnaand Eatamarna App to perform Umrah under his name (which is unrecommended to do).

In conclusion, it is vital that all visitors to KSA ensurethey register themselves on Muqeem with their vaccination status to avoid any unwarrantedstress or difficulty.


Please see the link for Muqeem Registration:

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